For the last four weeks, we’ve unraveled some of the complex, and in-depth stories that our upcoming game, Second Wave, has to offer. From the start of the industrial war with the Arcane Stone, to the beginnings of the powerful nation of Karin, across the country to the once humble lands of Musir, and finally the powerful naval armada that lies within Les Dimas.

Now, we begin our new path. Challengers Games will be joining the ranks among the best in the industry, by heading over to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on March 20th. There, lucky visitors will be able to both see and be the first to play our upcoming game, Second Wave. However, we do know that our community cannot all make it to this fantastic event, so we’re excited to announce that we will be sharing some gameplay on our YouTube Channel

We will soon be sharing some backstories of our characters, and how they became legendary exiles of Armantia. We are also very excited to share that we’ll be sharing details about testing very soon. Everyone at Challengers Games thanks you, our community, for sharing our video, our posts, and most importantly, for not giving up on us.

As a gift, we’d like to share one of our in-game maps for everyone to see, which can be viewed above this post. If you’ve seen our Teaser Trailer, then you may recognize this map. Hover over the image to see some finer details! 

Thank you to everyone, and we hope to see you at GDC on March 20th.

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