Happy Holidays from Challengers Games

Challengers Games has been hard at work since we did our soft announcement of the studio and the project that we are currently working on. With the Holiday season now here, and 2023 right around the corner, we wanted to look back at 2022 and all that we’ve come to accomplish.

Earlier this year, we announced (albeit, to a limited audience) our new game studio, website and there’s been a lot that has come since that announcement. We began work on our upcoming title, Project B, with a development team that brought in experience from past game development in games such as TERA, Black Desert, Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment, Elden Ring, Dark Souls and more. Our project was a simple idea born out of a passion for wanting players to, if anything, just have fun with one another in an anime-like world.

In August, our Discord opened up and we were ready to start a discussion with players. Even though the community was just beginning, we wanted to hear them out. We believe that if we are creating a game for the players, it’s only fair that we hear what the players are saying. Communication is key, and though we were all hard at work, we still wanted to create a base for what we will be building over time.

In September, we began sharing small bits of details such as that of two of our characters that are available in the game, Shania and Cozette. This was met with some great reception from our small community that has only heard whispers about our studio and upcoming title. Project B was slowly, little by little, making some waves, and we pushed ourselves even harder. We knew that we had to prove ourselves in this incredibly difficult industry, but our dream was worth the push. We went to the Tokyo Game Show and met with wonderful people; developers and players alike. We were able to speak with interested companies and, all in all, it was a success for us.

In October, our work was cut out for us. We were perfecting our prototype for Project B, and our team collectively worked hard to develop it in time for GStar 2022 in November. We spent this month also fleshing out additional storylines and background lore for each of our diverse cast of characters. Ideas kept brewing, which allowed for more characters to be developed, and with the intricacies of each story wrapping around the rest of the overlying plot – this inspired us to go even further.

In November, it was time to get ready for GSTAR 2022. Some of the team had flown out and visited the game event in Busan, and due to this incredible opportunity, we were able to meet with a wide array of players, developers, and companies. We have a vision for our games, our studio, and our future, and if we were to partner with any company, we wanted to make sure those values would be met with open arms. Certainly, it is a tough business to be a part of. But our wisdom in having worked in some of the world’s biggest games has given us insight or perhaps intuition in making sure that those that we partner with will be able to see and respect our vision for our games.

Now, with December here, and having just as quickly left us, 2022 comes to an end. We are incredibly thrilled and beyond excited to show players our upcoming game, and more so to announce the title of our game. This will happen in Early 2023, along with possibilities where players will have a chance at a first look at Project B. For now, however, we will leave you with some of the concepts that we’ve worked on. You may even see some things that we’ve not yet talked about. Consider it a Christmas gift from us, here at Challengers Games, to you, our community. 

Thank you to every single person that has been with us this year, and we hope to see you next year in the battlefields of Armantia. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
Challengers Games

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