Discover Armantia: The Legend of the Arcane Stone

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In the world of Second Wave, there are a lot of backstories for the characters that players can choose to play within the game. Each of those stories have waves of repercussions and significant moments that have changed the course of history in Armantia forever. In this series of Discover Armantia, we will be taking players on a journey across the in-game lands of Second Wave, and releasing additional lore related details to significant countries in the story, that will ultimately meld together, opening a pathway to the full story of Second Wave.



In the continent of Armantia, there are 56 countries, each living and breathing with their own cultures, way of life and beliefs. Since the discovery of the ‘Arcane Stone’ in the 18th Century, a new era of industrial revolution has risen in each country.  For a short period of time, the mysterious ‘Arcane Stone’ allowed for civilization to enhance different important and key areas, such as science and technology. The stone allowed for the on-going industrial revolution to develop at an unprecedented pace, which inevitably brought countries to an age of war due to greed and the goal of obtaining even more of this mysterious artefact.

Within this war were two countries that were known for their strength in raw power, Karin, and Les Dimas. Karin, being known throughout the lands for possessing the largest empire in the continent, and Les Dimas, being the dominant figure in international trading, along with commanding a colossal Navy force – they were quick to bring other countries to their knees, as they convinced Musir to form the Three-Nation Alliance. Together, with their armies combined, they usurped and colonized all the weaker countries; they had become an unstoppable imperial force. Although Armantia was a large continent, filled with diverse cultures, beliefs and personalities, the rapacity of its countries caused a blood-soaked war.

The surrounding countries that remained formed a coalition alliance, in order to stand a chance against the Three-Nation Alliance of Karin, Les Dimas, and Musir. To this day, the once thriving continent of Armantia continues to see the lament of the on-going war – which ultimately is only filled with futility and a fruitless endeavour.

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