探索阿尔曼帝亚:战士之国 — 卡林

In our previous issue of Discover Armantia, we shared a few key details about the continent which is in a dire state due to the on-going war for control over the mysterious artefact, ‘The Arcane Stone’. This week, we will be sharing details about one of the great nations...


Discover Armantia: The Legend of the Arcane Stone

In the world of Second Wave, there are a lot of backstories for the characters that players can choose to play within the game. Each of those stories have waves of repercussions and significant moments that have changed the course of history in Armantia forever. In this series of...


Project B – The Name Reveal

We are excited to finally present the name of our upcoming shooter title, and thank our community and fans that have stuck with us through the quiet front over the past year. [PROJECT B] is a passion project that started out with the simple idea of developing a game...


Happy Holidays from Challengers Games

Challengers Games has been hard at work since we did our soft announcement of the studio and the project that we are currently working on. With the Holiday season now here, and 2023 right around the corner, we wanted to look back at 2022 and all that we’ve come...


The Prototype for [PROJECT B] is Coming

Challengers Games will be at GSTAR 2022, showing off the prototype of our game Project B. We are happy and proud to introduce our next teaser for the game.


[Project B] 为大家介绍'沙尼亚'和'科赛特

在《PROJECT B》中,我们正在努力制作让玩家全身心投入并反复参与的游戏。 考虑到这个目标,我们将打造具有多种背景、故事、武器及能力的各种角色,让玩家可以与特定角色一起成长… 在众多角色中,我们会给大家展示两个角色’沙尼亚'和'科赛特’。

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