为大家介绍我司研发的第二款游戏:《人狼 (iLLANG)》

《人狼 (iLLANG)》是一款免费的多人社交推理游戏,玩家需要帮助小镇居民找出使小镇陷入混乱的狡猾的人狼!由《第二浪潮(Second Wave)》的制作团队为大家带来全新的冒险!最多可与20名玩家一起合作抓出人狼,但要注意,你亲近的同伴就有可能是披着羊皮的狼哦!


《第二浪潮(Second Wave)》即将于5月26日开始首次用户测试

距离我们上次更贴已经将近两个月了,在这期间我们一直专心于 第二浪潮(Second Wave)游戏的研发。自己我们上次发布的帖子 《烈焰正在燃烧》后,我们一直在努力保证能如期发布正在研发中的漫画FPS / TPS类型游戏……



For the last four weeks, we’ve unraveled some of the complex, and in-depth stories that our upcoming game, Second Wave, has to offer. From the start of the industrial war with the Arcane Stone, to the beginnings of the powerful nation of Karin, across the country to the once...


探索阿尔曼帝亚:海军之国 — 莱斯迪马斯

As we get closer and closer to GDC, on March 20th, we have been releasing some background details about our game, Second Wave. Last week, we shared some details on Musir, a hunter nation that is also part of the Three-Nation Alliance. This week, we’ll be crossing the sea...


探索阿尔曼帝亚:狩猎之国 — 墨西尔

Last week, we shared some intricate details about Karin, one of the the most powerful countries in Second Wave‘s world, Armantia. This week, we will be sharing details about a nation that lives just North from Karin, and is known as the nation of Hunters and Bows, the country...


探索阿尔曼帝亚:战士之国 — 卡林

In our previous issue of Discover Armantia, we shared a few key details about the continent which is in a dire state due to the on-going war for control over the mysterious artefact, ‘The Arcane Stone’. This week, we will be sharing details about one of the great nations...

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