探索阿尔曼帝亚:狩猎之国 — 墨西尔

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Last week, we shared some intricate details about Karin, one of the the most powerful countries in 第二浪潮(Second Wave)‘s world, Armantia. This week, we will be sharing details about a nation that lives just North from Karin, and is known as the nation of Hunters and Bows, the country of Musir.



The mysterious country of Musir, lies just north of Armantia‘s strongest warrior nation, Karin. The country is known across the continent as the land of Bows and Hunters, and its people are emphatically devoted to the art of hunting. Using Bows, Guns, and Traps, the country has taught all its people, as well as its animal companions, how to hunt. From dogs, to hawks, it is said within the legend of Musir‘s history, that if one were to train hard enough and become proficient in the art of hunting, one could even train monsters that may roam the world – or even dragons, and have them as companions.

However, this is not just rumor, or word-of mouth stories that have passed down through generations. Many years ago, a scholar from the nation of Historia once joked about the country, stating that “Lizards can also be dragons!”, which was seen as a sign of great disrespect. As such, this led to a national conflict between HistoriaMusir.

Hunting is not the only thing that the country values, as its people consider foraging for specific wild foods such as mushrooms and wild plants that normally cannot be cultivated. In the same respect, the people fish for food, which in and of itself is considered distinctive from hunting – the men of Musir once looked down on the act of fishing as a hobby for children and the elderly.  However, as the previous King of Musir once wrote in “The Hunter’s Compendium”, a book full of information, wisdom and knowledge for all things related to hunting:

Foraging may perhaps be different than hunting, but regardless of its differences, they are one and the same.

The culture of Musir is quite different than most of the countries that reside in Armantia; one key difference is that religious beliefs are not a part of the countries norms. Instead, the people of Musir believe that the mountains are Gods, and worship the ever-mysterious dragons, as they believe that these beasts are trained by the Mountain Gods themselves.

Musir, though often times in odds with Les Dimas due to their love of fishing and their powerful naval force, signed on with Karin to be a part of the Three-Nation Alliance. The country had been influenced by Karin‘s industrial revolution, and believed that this new wave of growth would change their way of life. As such, this belief came bearing fruit, as their alliance would prove to revolutionize and bring an evolution towards the way that the country operated.

Though Musir was once a country filled with a strong belief system in the natural order of the world, hunting for food and gathering for medicine and herbs. Now it has developed numerous hunting and gathering tools, used primarily for hunting coal, iron and fragments of the Arcane Stone, in order to power its newfound machines.

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