Introducing Shania and Cozette in [PROJECT B]

In [PROJECT B], we are working hard to create a game that players can find themselves both immersed in, and wish to play again and again. With that goal in mind, we are creating a wide variety of characters with different backgrounds, stories, weaponry and abilities that will have players grow with those specific characters. Of these many characters, we have decided to showcase, or rather preview, two of our first available characters: Shania and Cozette.

Shania Olivier
is a ranged-based character, using her trusty sniper to wipe out her foes. She is a Marine Officer with an incredible skill for sniping and long-ranged attacked. Players with a love for ranged abilities, will be sure to trust Shania and her highly-regarded abilities in order to wipe out enemies from afar.

Cozette Russel
is a magic-based character, using her engineering abilities to electrocute enemies with her special machine that is attached to her back. She is no ordinary engineer however, as Cozette uses magic to amplify her engineering abilities in order to tear enemies limb from limb. Perhaps a genius with high IQ, or a magical engineer that has lost her mind over time. This mystery will be revealed some day soon.

Both Shania and Cozette play a pivotal role in [PROJECT B], with different abilities and roles that can be used to dominate the battlefield. Players can expect these two mighty forces to be one of the first characters available in the game. With game modes such as 5 vs 5, and Deathmatch, players will be wise to learn the ins and outs of these two incredible powerhouses. Learning their skillset will be easy, Mastering however will not be quite as simple.

Stay tuned for more information on [PROJECT B]

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