Goodbye, Heroes of Armantia and Koji Villagers

The Gates of Armantia and Koji Village Are Closing… For Now.

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Introducing Our Second Game: iLLANG

Illangは無料で遊べるマルチプレイヤーソーシャル推理ゲームで、プレイヤーはコジ村の村人たちを助けて、大混乱を引き起こしている卑劣なイランを見つけます!Second Wave』のクリエイターが贈る、まったく新しいアドベンチャーです!最大20人のプレイヤーと協力してイランを阻止しよう!ただし、最も親しい味方でも、あなたが探しているのは羊の皮をかぶった狼かもしれないのでご注意を。

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Second Wave’s First Playtest Begins May 26th

Hello to our Community! It has been nearly 2 months since our last post here on our website, and this has been in part due to our work on Second Wave. Since our last post, The Flame Burns On, we have been working hard to make sure that we...

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The Flame Burns On

For the last four weeks, we’ve unraveled some of the complex, and in-depth stories that our upcoming game, Second Wave, has to offer. From the start of the industrial war with the Arcane Stone, to the beginnings of the powerful nation of Karin, across the country to the once...

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Discover Armantia: The Naval Nation of Les Dimas

As we get closer and closer to GDC, on March 20th, we have been releasing some background details about our game, Second Wave. Last week, we shared some details on Musir, a hunter nation that is also part of the Three-Nation Alliance. This week, we’ll be crossing the sea...

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Discover Armantia: The Hunter Nation of Musir

Last week, we shared some intricate details about Karin, one of the the most powerful countries in Second Wave‘s world, Armantia. This week, we will be sharing details about a nation that lives just North from Karin, and is known as the nation of Hunters and Bows, the country...

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