The Prototype for [PROJECT B] is Coming

Cozette overlooking the Town: Read more about Cozette here.

By now it is no secret that Challengers Games has been actively developing our first title, PROJECT B. Last month, on October 15th, we teased two of our playable characters in the game: Shania and Cozette. As we are in the final stages of our prototype development, and currently finishing one of the game modes that we’re very excited to show off, we wanted to take this opportunity to show some in-game screenshots.

In our first image, players will be put to the test, fighting other players, in our town-based map in one of the game modes that we are working on.  We have not decided on a name for this Game Mode as of yet. This is also the first teaser look at Cozette, one of our playable characters, in-game.

We are still early in development, but we will be showing a prototype version of our game, Project B, at GSTAR 2022 between November 17 – 20.

Lastly, it is no secret that we have changed our logo and branding for Challengers Games. We had seen some questions from interested players in our Discord Server, and we are confirming that this is our official Challengers Games logo and branding. We are very excited to show players even more content, and perhaps even footage of our game in the coming months. 

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