Project B – The Name Reveal

We are excited to finally present the name of our upcoming shooter title, and thank our community and fans that have stuck with us through the quiet front over the past year. [PROJECT B] is a passion project that started out with the simple idea of developing a game that players would love to play again and again, with a rich background story and diverse characters, and of course inspired by the anime world.

Since then, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our vision for this title could come to reality. Our passion and goals have never wavered in our development. We quietly launched our studio in July 2022, and we’ve shown bits and pieces of information. From tiny hints of lore in our official Discord, to a couple of characters that we wanted to share with our fans that somehow came to learn about our title or studio. Within the same year, we visited the Tokyo Game Show, to meet up with interested investors and potential partners. The same was done for G-STAR 2022, and this was successful, for us.  In the holiday season, we created a quick animation video of our in-game characters, as a way to say thank you and give a glimpse to what would be coming in 2023.

Now that 2023 is here, we think that it’s time to start showing off some of what we’ve been working on. But first, the title of the game. Before we give that out, we’d like to tell you the story behind the name.

Our game takes place in the world of Armantia, it is a fairly large continent that consists of many countries. Over the years, wars have been fought over a unique resource that has aided the continent in the advancement of Science and Technology called, The Arcane Stone. In each country, there have been key characters that have affected the flow of time throughout the lands of Armantia, and soon players will find out who those characters are, what happened to them, and how they became legendary exiles of Armantia.

But, these key characters were not at fault for the catastrophe that was taking place in this once peaceful continent. They are a group of people that have been given the keys, as a result of these wars, and are now the Second Wave of the on-going conflict. 

We are excited to finally share with everyone that our upcoming game will be called Second Wave. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are hopeful and expect that players will be able to explore Armantia and fight amongst one another this year.

Starting next week, we will begin sharing intricate details about the game, such as lore, background stories from the wars and more in a new series called Discover Armantia. For a quick preview, we have created the map of Armantia, so that players can get a feel for how this continent is portrayed. 

The news doesn’t stop there. We’re incredibly excited to announce that on March 20th, 2023, we will be in San Francisco, California for GDC (Game Developers Conference), where gamers all around will have a chance to try out Second Wave for the first time ever, and even receive some special goodies. If interested, we will be at booth P1869, which is located in front of the Connect Lounge near Exit #22. For a full floorplan of the event, GDC has made the booth list available here.

That’s all that we have to share with you today, but for one final surprise, we know that our community has been left with the curiosity as to how Second Wave looks and performs. While we are still actively in development, and are not fully ready to share every detail, we’ve put together a teaser trailer just for our communities here on our website and Discord.

Thank you for your support, for your faith and your enthusiasm towards Challengers Games and our upcoming game, Second Wave.

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