Introducing Our Second Game: iLLANG

Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since we last interacted here on our website. We’ve been working hard to make sure the world knows more about Second Wave. In fact, when we first started Second Wave, it was internally known as Project B. We had also started another project around the same time, which we called Project I. The goal was to create a fun, social deduction game that had some references to Second Wave. After our hard work on it, we are proud to announce that our game, Project I, is called iLLANG.

In iLLANG, players can play alone or with 4-20 players to help Koji Village. Koji Village is a strange and mysterious little town full of villagers who need your help because the Illang is on the loose. But what is the Illang? Well, the easiest way to explain it is that it simply means werewolf. When we were deciding on a name for the game, we chose iLLANG because of its Korean roots and because it sounds unique! In fact, Project I was always “Project iLLANG”. So, as you can see, players will have to figure out who the sneaky Illang is in Koji Village, because it could even be your closest friend!

iLLANG is a free-to-play multiplayer social deduction game where players help the villagers of Koji Village find the sneaky Illang who has been wreaking havoc! From the creators of Second Wave comes a brand new adventure for players! Play with up to 20 players and work together to stop the Illang, but be warned, even your closest ally may turn out to be the very wolf in sheep’s clothing you’re looking for.

This has been a crazy year for us here at Challengers Games Corp. We’ve been to Tokyo Game Show, GDC 2023, Gamescom, K-EXPO 2023, and just today our CEO, Tamura Koji, is speaking at GSTAR 2023. Lucky players who visited our booth at K-EXPO 2023 in Thailand had the opportunity to try out iLLANG, and we want to thank those players for not spoiling the surprise for everyone else. 

Challengers Games Corp. at K-EXPO in Thailand, with visitors playing iLLANG for the first time ever.


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