Discover Armantia: The Warrior Nation of Karin

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In our previous issue of Discover Armantia, we shared a few key details about the continent which is in a dire state due to the on-going war for control over the mysterious artefact, ‘The Arcane Stone’. This week, we will be sharing details about one of the great nations which started the almighty Three-Nation, Karin.



Within the 56 countries inside of Armantia, there is one in particular that is regarded as the largest country, Karin. Located in the northern part of the continent, and is said that its residents are as tall as Vikings. The country is centered around art, economy, religion, and philosophy, the people of Karin prosper with a diverse way of life in comparison to the other countries in the continent. It is also a country that values diplomacy and focuses on training warriors for the on-going war.

Led by King Karin V, the country houses a training center for the warriors of Karin, where the motto can be heard across the the fields, “Brute Strength is True Strength!” the country has allied with Musir, the nation of hunters with bows and arrows, and Les Dimas, a country that is said to be mostly sea and holds the largest fleet in the continent.

Many years before the Industrial Revolution, Karin, and its many knights, despised all forms of magic. The country felt that magic was an act for cowards, and due to this they shamed and discriminated against any and all magic users, such as Mages. However, since the revolution, Karin has overcome its hatred for magic, and has instead used fragments of the ‘Arcane Stone’ to combine magic and science, bringing a new innovation to technology as a whole. It has invested astronomically in both scientists and mages alike, bringing the country to be able to thrive off its expenditures. Even if it meant breaking their own values of diplomacy, Karin would not hesitate to plunder other parts of Armantia for additional fragments of the ever-mysterious ‘Arcane Stone’.

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