Discover Armantia: The Naval Nation of Les Dimas

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As we get closer and closer to GDC, on March 20th, we have been releasing some background details about our game, Second Wave. Last week, we shared some details on Musir, a hunter nation that is also part of the Three-Nation Alliance. This week, we’ll be crossing the sea to the final country that takes part in the alliance: Les Dimas.



The country of Les Dimas is relatively new, compared to the other countries that reside on the continent of Armantia. Many years ago, plunderers and pillagers ravaged the sea, and destroyed any and all royal cities that were close to the coast. Out of the ashes of these villages and cities, rose a hero from the same coastal region that had been burned to the ground. Hedodotus was his name, and from his rage, he was able to create the small island of Les Dimas. This new city had become a base for maritime exchanges, and Hedodotus had single-handedly fought off any and all intruders that attempted to cause harm to this newfound place. After a certain amount of time, a No Plunder policy was put in place.

With the inner strength and power of Hedodotus, the continent of Armantia, and even around the world, had heard and learned of this new maritime marketplace that sought only peace. As such, Les Dimas had become a peaceful trading land where any and all people could meet up in. The country has been described as “a land of fishermen”, “the land of trade”, “the center of the world”, and “the land of freedom.”

Though Hedodotus did not create a monarchy, as was traditional around the world, the people of Les Dimas followed his ideas and words as if they were law. Over time, the nation had adopted his powerful ideas and ideals for Les Dimas, and created a democratic parliament in order to properly handle all affairs.

200 Years Later

Even now, 200 years after Hedodotus had passed away, everyone around the world respects his legacy and thus, respects the law and rules that he had placed for Les Dimas. Though the legend of Les Dimas and Hedodotus had been respected, known and loved, it wasn’t without its flaws. Even though on the outside it was peaceful, as the treaty held true, the same could not be said about the inside. Many opinions were expressed, often ending in endless debate. Various factions within the nation had different ideas, which would usually be for their own benefit; and so, even though Les Dimas prohibited fighting, internally, it was always a battlefield.

The nation had many embassies, all equipped with individual spokespersons and council members that would advise as part of different factions, or even countries. During the Industrial Revolution, Les Dimas took part as the last missing piece of the Three-Nation Alliance. Though, Les Dimas and Musir have a strong hateful relationship with each other, it has not tarnished their alliance.

After so many years, the country has stayed strong, and grown in numbers. It is known throughout Armantia for having the biggest naval fleet in the world. Even to this day, pirates attempt to plunder the country, regardless of the treaty and law, but are always stopped by the gargantuan naval force that lies within Les Dimas. After the war, the country used the power of the Arcane Stone, with the help of mages, and a shipbuilding artisan by the name of Hector, to develop flying ships.

His dream was to sail to the Black Continent in a flying ship, and he was able to utilize his talents to create such a feat. However, even though these ships were built with the intention of safer travels and defense against pirates on the sea; with the power of wind mages, sailing the skies. His dream was corrupted by others, who then used his revolutionary technology to rule and plunder other countries.

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